Manufacturer Database Fact Sheet

Martins List Code: 133411

Number of Personalised Records:


Number of Emails: 1128
Total incl. Generic Companies:
Target Market: Manufacturer
Coverage: Nationwide
Pricing: No Updates Unlimited Updates for a year
Mailing and Telemarketing Data $1,715.00 $3,430.00
Email, Mailing & Telemarketing Data $1,940.60 $3,881.20

MT = Mailing and Telemarketing Data
MTE = Mailing and Telemarketing Data with Email Addresses (When available)
Generic = Non-personalised Mailing Data with Telephone Numbers
Plus Selection Fee of $250.00 per Order

Group 0: Popular Contacts
Group 1: Managers
Group 2: Professionals
Group 3: Technicians And Trades Workers
Group 4: Community And Personal Service Workers
Group 5: Clerical And Administrative Workers
Group 6: Sales Workers
Group 7: Machinery Operators And Drivers
Group 8: Labourers
Group A: Agriculture Forestry and Fishing
Group B: Mining
Group C: Manufacturing
Group D: Electricity Gas Water and Waste Services
Group E: Construction
Group F: Wholesale Trade
Group G: Retail Trade
Group H: Accommodation and Food Services
Group I: Transport Postal and Warehousing
Group J: Information Media and Telecommunications
Group K: Financial and Insurance Services
Group L: Rental Hiring and Real Estate Services
Group M: Professional Scientific and Technical Services
Group N: Administrative and Support Services
Group O: Public Administration and Safety
Group P: Education and Training
Group Q: Health Care and Social Assistance
Group R: Arts and Recreation Services
Group S: Other Services
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